Administrative team

Administrative team

Consisting of passionate professionals, the administrative team at the PNSD Rosella Hightower ensures the smooth operation and quality of teaching within our renowned institution. Their multiple skills and commitment contribute to creating an environment conducive to artistic accomplishment and teaching excellence for the dancers throughout their training.


Cécile Mièle

Administrative and Financial Director, Sustainable Development and Ecological Coordinator

Amélie Clisson - de Macedo

Deputy Studies Director, ERASMUS Coordinator

Dance school department

Nathalie Bauchez

Assistant to the Artistic and Pedagogical Direction

Sandrine Galmiche

Apprentices Support Coordinator

Swanna Yengo

Assistant to the School Department

Ebtisseme Zaiter

Pedagogical and Artistic Coordinator

Academic Department - CIV Coordination

Najda Peponnet

Academic Coordinator, Maths Tutor

Communication-production department

Sarah Balazuc

Communication & Production Manager

Laetitia Frisina

Communication & Production Assistant in cooperative training


Adeline de Procé

Human Resources Adviser

Louis Thomasset

Assistant Accountant in cooperative training

School life

Delphine Burois

School Life Supervisor, Disability Coordinator

Jalall Filali

Resident Assistant

Sylvie Lefaure

Resident Assistant

Elisabeth Tavares

Resident Assistant

Patricia Tordjman

Resident Assistant

Miriama Liotard

House Assistant

Sandra Martelloni

House Assistant

Nathalie Nemeth

House Assistant

Viktoriya Zeruk

House Assistant

Shervine Majd

Boarding School Assistant

Reception Department

Sheila Draidi

Reception Manager, Customer Accounting

Francesca Magliano


Imen Lakber


Support services

Michael Fabbri

Support Services Manager

Jean-Pierre Galasso

Maintenance Agent

Chedia Fathallah

Versatile Agent

Alizea Mezdagh

Versatile Agent

Abdelhafidh Ouni

Versatile Agent