PNSD Rosella Hightower (Pôle National Supérieur de Danse Rosella Hightower) has been granted the new Erasmus+ Charter for the period 2021 to 2027


PNSD offers students from its partner schools, within the framework of Erasmus mobility exchanges, to join its training cycle to achieve the Higher National Diploma in Professional dance Performance (DNSP) for study periods ranging from 3 to 12 months.

Downloadable documents

Admission Requirements

The application deadline is 31 March for the upcoming school year, for both the first or second semesters.

A letter of confirmation will be sent before 1 June to inform you whether your application has been accepted or not.

Applications must be sent by email to or by mail to Amélie Clisson de Macedo PNSD Rosella Hightower 140 Allée Rosella Hightower 06250 Mougins.

Your application must include the following :

- Your Curriculum Vitae with a photograph in PDF/Word format (max 1MB)
- Cover letter in PDF/Word format (max 1MB)
- Letter of recommendation by your form teacher (max 1 MB)
- ID photograph
- Video of artistic performances – please refer to the attachment for more details
- Letter of approval signed by the Erasmus or International Relations Coordinator agreeing to the sending of the video – please see the attached sample letter


For 6-month exchanges :

- First semester : from September to the end of January (examination period : January)
- Second semester : from February to mid-July (examination period : May and June) 

Erasmus students are required to take examinations in January and June to validate their stay and the credits listed in the Learning Agreement.

Learning Agreement

As soon as your application has been accepted, your Erasmus coordinator will be required to collaborate with PNSD in preparing your Learning Agreement by reviewing our curriculum. The Learning Agreement must be signed by all three parties by 15 June. Failure to do so by that date will result in the cancellation of your application.

Welcome and Accommodation

The International Dance Centre Rosella Hightower offers a full-board accommodation service to foreign students for training programmes lasting at least one academic year. 

The International Dance Centre of Marseille offers support for pre-selecting apartments rentals and assisting with the installation process.

Course Catalogue

PSND Rosella Hightower offers ERASMUS IN mobility for its DNSP Dancer educational programme. The programme aims to train dancer-performers by developing their personal artistic profile through a double proficiency in classical and contemporary dance techniques, as well as through artistic and professional practice. The curriculum includes cross-disciplinary courses with the Bachelor’s degree Ingemedia from Université de Toulon.

Language Level Requirements

All classes in our DNSP programme are delivered in French and English. The theoretical classes are mainly delivered in French but some of our faculty members are proficient in English and Italian. Additionally, our guest teachers speak English.

According to the results in the language tests conducted before departure, outgoing students or staff will also have the opportunity to take language courses at both partner universities of PNSD Rosella Hightower.

Language Support at Université Côte d’Azur :

Language Resource Centre at Université de Toulon :

Contact and information

The entire team at PNSD is available to answer your questions on Erasmus exchanges.


Students at PNSD Rosella Hightower can benefit from ERASMUS exchanges to participate in internships or pursue part of their studies in our partner schools

Admission Requirements

If you wish to participate in an Erasmus exchange over the course of the 2024-2025 academic year, you may proceed to prepare step 1 as of back to school in 2023.

Your application must be known and approved by the PNSD before the Christmas break. It is then up to the applicant to find information about the application procedure by contacting the school they wish to join for an Erasmus mobility.

The mobility cannot be conducted in the student’s country of origin – an Italian student wishing to benefit from mobility in Italy, for instance. However, if you have pursued both your primary and secondary education in France, you may consider an Erasmus mobility. In this case, you will be expected to provide a demonstration of your diplomas.

Applications must be sent by email to or by mail to Amélie Clisson de Macedo PNSD Rosella Hightower 140 Allée Rosella Hightower 06250 Mougins.

PLEASE NOTE : students should submit their application as soon as possible. Administrative procedures may prove long and it is highly recommended to initiate them ahead of time. We encourage you to contact your Coordinator for clarification and more information and guidance on the application submission.


Administrative procedures for teaching or administrative personnel applying for an Erasmus mobility in teaching, research or observation (in Europe)

The Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments

Under the framework of a teaching mission, teachers can deliver courses at a partner European school. The delivered courses are integrated into the official curriculum of each school.

The collaboration with other partner schools supports the evolution of teaching methods :
- exchanging over educational methods
- renewing master-class formats
- experience team-teaching formulas
- building training modules shared among different schools

Duration : from 2 days to 2 months (8 teaching hours minimum) ; 2 to 3 days are recommended.

The Erasmus+ Staff Teaching Training

This mobility is aimed at staff working in higher education institutions (teaching, administrative and technical staff). It allows for a training mobility, or an observation mission in an institution, a business or a training organisation in another European country.

Duration : from 2 days to 2 months ; 2 to 5 days are recommended.

Staff members at PNSD can contact for more information.

PNSD Partner Schools

PNSD has formed partnerships with the following higher education institutions.


CSDMA Maria de Avila    

RCPD Mariemma

The Netherlands :     

CODARTS, Rotterdam

Royal Conservatory, The Hague

Amsterdam’s Academy of Dance and Drama

Germany :

PALUCCA Hoschshule for tanz Dresden

Network underway.


PNSD has structured its teams for the reception of foreign students.

- For education and Erasmus+ exchanges : Amélie Clisson de Macedo -
- For Erasmus+ exchanges : Nathalie Bauchez -