13th edition of PLAY BACH Festival

The Cannes Jeune Ballet Rosella Hightower will be performing at the Chapelle de l'Observance in Draguignan on 10 May at 7pm as part of the 13th PLAY BACH Festival, organised by the town of Draguignan and the Théâtre en Dracénie.

4 extracts from pieces will be danced:
G/S<L (Gently Sick Love) by Francesco Nappa
Amber by Lukas Timulak
Terra by Didy Veldman
Un Momento di Felicità by Renato Zanella.

Free admission by reservation: 04 94 84 54 31.
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Photo: N. Sternalski

Cartes Blanches Higher Education Cycle 2 and 3

The students of Higher Education Cycle 2 and 3 will be presenting their personal composition and creation work during the Cartes Blanches on 15 May at 8.30pm at Théâtre Scène 55, Mougins.

Tickets: coming soon.

Photo : P. Massabo

Carte Blanche given to Martin Harriague

Higher Education Cycle 2 will present a creation entitled "Eclipse" during the Carte Blanche given to Martin Harriague on 28 May at Théâtre Scène 55, Mougins, at 8.30pm.

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Photo: Hakan Larsson