Educational team

Educational team

The teachers at the PNSD Rosella Hightower embody artistic excellence and passion for dance. They are artists and dedicated teachers possessing remarkable expertise in the various dance disciplines. Their teaching aims to impart, not only the necessary techniques and skills, but also the creativity, expression, and professionalism essential for future dancers.


Paola Cantalupo

Artistic and Pedagogical Director

Permanent teachers for Children’s Classes, Dance & Study Programme, Higher National Diploma in Professional Dance Performance (DNSP), Apprenticeship, D.E (State Diploma)

Valène Azy-Roux

Jazz pedagogy teacher

Jérôme Bénezech

Classical pedagogy teacher

Joëlle Boulogne

Classical dance teacher

Karine Bruscoli

Classical dance teacher

Jeanne Chossat

Contemporary dance teacher

Francesco Curci

Form teacher for DNSP1 and 3 (higher cycle 1 and 3) and Pedagogical Head of the Erasmus Programme

Leandro d'Andrea

Ballet teacher for the initial cycle

Joëlle Donati

Contemporary dance teacher for the preparatory and higher education cycle. Homeroom teacher for DNSP2

Maurizio Drudi

Ballet teacher, repetiteur for the Cannes Jeune Ballet & deputy artistic director

Stéphane Fléchet

Contemporary dance teacher, in charge of contemporary dance education

Dominique Lainé

Teacher for the children’s classes and initial cycle

Dominique Larin

Contemporary dance teacher for the children’s classes and initial cycle & DE

Agnès Lascombes

Ballet teacher, tutor at the Apprenticeship Training Centre

Alessio Passaquindici

Ballet teacher

Carole Pastorel

Ballet teacher for the higher education cycle

Karine Seneca

Teacher for the initial cycle

Mikhail Soloviev

Classical dance teacher

Teachers in complementary artistic subjects

Fabrizio Prestipino

Music education teacher for classes in the Dance Study cycle

Chloé Saumade

Anatomy, physiology, health prevention teacher

Peter Lewton-Brain

Health team manager, scientific advisor for Dance and Health

Barbara Elia

Dance History and Choreographic Culture teacher, coordinator of the DE cycle and a pedagogical supervisor for the vocational TSI degree


Lecturer in Information and Communication Sciences. In charge of the CIMPN specialisation within the IC Master’s Degree, TSI specialisation as well as INTERMEDIA specialisation within the Vocational Bachelor’s Degree – DNSP2