The repertoire of the Cannes Junior Ballet blends ballets from the great ballet repertoire, creations by emerging choreographers, and reprises or creations by recognised choreographers. It is revisited every year to introduce novelty and enrich the knowledge of our young dancers.


Choreography: Emilie Lalande
Created in December 2019
Duration: 15 mn

"If no one knows when men began to make idols for themselves, we do know that they are of the highest antiquity". (VOLTAIRE)

People have always created idols. Once religious divinities, now singers, actors or bloggers... How does this need to idolise people whom we ourselves have chosen to put on a pedestal come about? Is it a vital individual need or a collective madness?

Photo: Nathalie Sternalski


Choreography: Filipe Portugal
Music: Ólafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott, Zoë Keating
Created in 2019 for the Cannes Jeune Ballet Rosella Hightower
Duration: 20 mn

"Creating for young dancers has always been a great challenge for me. Their desire to know more and explore all their abilities is always very apparent, and that makes the creative process really interesting and rewarding. The Jeune Ballet Rosella Hightower will give me the inspiration I need. I will be able to find their individual voices that they may not yet be aware of. It is this journey into the unknown that will make this creation exciting and intense.

I am a ballet-trained dancer and this forms the basis of my work as a choreographer. I love exploring the limits of classical dance and finding new emotions. This allows me to go further and further with my own choreographic language, inspired by what other dancers can offer me by responding to what I ask of them. It's in this dialogue between the dancers and myself that I get the results I want and expect. I can't wait to get to know the dancers of the Jeune Ballet Rosella Hightower and to begin this creation together. I feel very optimistic about this experience and I can only hope for the best of results".
Filipe Portugal

Photo: Sakher Almonem


Choreography: Emmanuel Gat
Music: Yann Robin, Art Of Metal II/ Double bass clarinet Alain Billard.
Duration: 20 mn

Creating a system capable of managing ten dancers smoothly and clearly requires specific adjustments and adaptations that are quite different from those required for small groups.

The change of scale, the complexity and density of the information to be structured, reveal the internal logic and mechanics of human groups, as well as the role of choreography as an experiment in social science, decision-making, collaborative strategies and resource allocation.

The work is built around the causal relationships between responsibility and freedom.
COUZ is an experiment in the development of mechanisms linked to choreography as an event constructed in real time. The dancers 'lead' the piece and recreate it each time, thus examining the role of the artist as creator on stage and live.

Photo: Nathalie Vu Dinh


Choreography: Jean Charles Gil
Duration: 25 mn

Let's Go, a moment of life in mutation.
Just as these young girls in their tulle veils evoke the cocoon of childhood in the image of Degas's dancers, an orderly collective dynamic takes shape and autonomous dazzle takes over.
It's by putting on pointe shoes that real teenagers become women in the making, daring to experiment with the first signs of femininity, pushing their personalities to blossom LET'S GO...
As gentle troublemakers, the boys mingle with them, acting like real horsemen.

Photo: Nathalie Sternalski


Choreography: Arthur Perole
Created in December 2019
With the support of UCA (Université Côte d'Azur)
Duration: 10 mn

In his work, Arthur likes to draw on the experiences and testimonies of the performers on a given subject. He will build this solo by collecting anecdotes and powerful images (borrowed from common culture but also from his choreographic research). This form is an opportunity to paint a portrait of a dancer who is still young and in training, but who already has a lot to say. It is this encounter between the artist's experience and the choreographer's writing that results in the construction of a performer.


Choreography: Eric Oberdorff
Music: Arvo Pärt "Tabula Rasa
Duration: 11 mn

At the invitation of Ethan Stiefel, Dean of the School of Dance at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (USA), Éric Oberdorff created "Holden C." in 2011 for twenty-two students/dancers.

This piece is part of a cycle of works developed for pre-professional dancers, linking each piece to an emblematic figure who reflects their cultural environment. For "Holden C.", Éric was inspired by Holden Caulfield, the central character in J.D. Salinger's cult novel "The Catcher in the Rye". Seeing him as a metaphor and a powerful symbol of American youth, Éric also integrated into his writing process the observation of his performers, their youth, their daily preoccupations, their raw emotions and their incredible energy.


Choreography: Davide Bombana

Photo: Nathalie Sternalski