REPERTOire 23-24

The repertoire of the Cannes Junior Ballet blends ballets from the great ballet repertoire, creations by emerging choreographers, and reprises or creations by recognised choreographers. It is revisited every year to introduce novelty and enrich the knowledge of our young dancers.


Choreography : Lukas Timulak
Music: Beastie Boys, Kate Moore
Created in November 2023 for the Cannes Junior Ballet Rosella Hightower
Duration : 21mn
13 dancers

In this new creation for the Cannes Junior Ballet Rosella Hightower, choreographer Lukas Timulak has worked with a long-time collaborator, designer Peter Bilak.

Exploring the boundaries of visual and emotional perception, the stage becomes an evolving canvas, immersing the audience in a world where emotions transcend borders.

The performance is accompanied by instrumental music by the Beastie Boys, as well as piano compositions by Kate Moore.

Photo: Nathalie Sternalski


Choreography : Renato Zanella
Music: Nino Rota
Created in April 2023 for the Cannes Junior Ballet Rosella Hightower
Duration : 25 mn 
13 dancers

« When I am creating on the piano, I tend to feel happy, but – the eternal dilemma – how can we feel happy in the midst of unhappiness ? I would do anything to offer everyone a moment of happiness. That’s what lies at the core of my music. » (Nino Rota).

Approaching Nino Rota’s work is certainly a moment of considerable emotion and memory, given the fact that generations have admired the best and most beautiful films from Italian realism accompanied by his music. How can dance address that? Two voiceless arts coming together, to create new emotions notably in addressing beautiful compositions partly unheard of by audiences, as such, offering food for thought and research to develop new artistic dimensions. Young dancers approach Nino Rota, interpret him, experience him, but above all, they seek what his music can bring to new generations.

There is a story, there isn’t, in fact there is, because Nino Rota’s music communicates and tells and will take those youngsters by their hand with the commitment to make them grow, as he always has through interpretations of great film directors such as Luchino Visconti, Eduardo De Filippo, Mario Monicelli, Franco Zeffirelli et surtout Federico Fellini.

Leaving one’s nest among those music notes, that is what we’re going to do, on tiptoe without adding any sound to design a new interpretation, I would say get the impression that the great composer is holding our hand. I will conclude by a sentence by F. Fellini that will accompany me through this new creation:

« What do you know? Have you ever heard the sound of a violin? No, because if you had listened to the voices of violins as we hear them now, you would have been quiet, and you wouldn’t have the impudence to believe you are dancing. Dance is.. it is embroidery. It is a flight. It is like catching a glimpse of the harmony of the stars. It is a declaration of love. Dance is a hymn to life! » (The Voice of the Moon, La voce della Luna, FEDERICO FELLINI, 1990).
Renato Zanella

Photo: Nathalie Sternalski


Choreography : Francesco Nappa
Music : Peter Broderick, Max Richter
Created in 2016 for the Cannes Junior Ballet Rosella Hightower
Duration: 7 mn
2 dancers

G/S<L acronym, whose sound evokes the name of young Giselle, is in fact the acronym of the story she is the protagonist of.

Giselle, sick at heart and sick with love, with love for Albrecht .

A pas de deux made of passion, of confidence and at the same time a trap, an infinite dance beyond death. 

The acronym ends in <L (less than love). The most powerful of forces prevails ; what kills her is what saves her. As though in a forest, twittering accompanies the couple in an atmosphere that makes it hard to distinguish whether the two protagonists have already crossed the threshold of death.

Photo : Nathalie Sternalski


Choreography: Didy Veldman
Music : Julia Kent, Terry Ripley Kronos Quartet
Created in 2021 for the Cannes Junior Ballet Rosella Hightower
Duration: 20 mn
13 dancers

Terra is a reflection on the elements currently dominating our globalised world. With the dancers, we explored measure, the reduction of the floor’s surface, borders and pollution, inspired by climate change and Covid-19. I wanted to tackle the current crisis and express it with them, in both a powerful and beautiful way. 

Photo : Patrick Massabo