The repertoire of the Cannes Junior Ballet blends ballets from the great ballet repertoire, creations by emerging choreographers, and reprises or creations by recognised choreographers. It is revisited every year to introduce novelty and enrich the knowledge of our young dancers.


Choreography: Davide Bombana
Music : Frank Martin
Duration: 28 mn
10 dancers

When I create, my inspiration comes either from a literary or theatrical work to which I try to associate a piece of music that will enable a story to be told, or from a piece of music to which I try, through the language of dance, to translate the feelings and passions of the score. For this Petite Symphonie, I let myself be totally guided by the sensuality, mystery and almost dreamlike quality that lie at the heart of this music, perhaps the most famous that Frank Martin has ever composed.
Six couples search for each other, find each other, get to know each other in a labyrinth of fleeting encounters which, in their vulnerable brushes against each other, reflect for me the essence of this mysterious musical carpet. 

Photo: Nathalie Sternalski


Choreography: Francesco Nappa
Music: Peter Broderick, Max Richter
Created in 2016 for the Cannes Jeune Ballet Rosella Hightower
Duration: 7 mn
2 dancers

G/S<L , which sounds like the name of the young Giselle, is in fact the acronym of the story in which she is the protagonist.

Giselle, sick at heart and sick with love, with love for Albrecht .

A pas de deux made of passion, of confidence and at the same time a trap, an infinite dance beyond death.

The acronym ends in <L (less than love). The most powerful of forces prevails ; what kills her is what saves her. As though in a forest, twittering accompanies the couple in an atmosphere that makes it hard to distinguish whether the two protagonists have already crossed the threshold of death.

Photo: Nathalie Sternalski


Choreography: Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamarche
Music: Jean-Paul Bataille, Laurent Perrier, Moby
Created in 2010 for the Cannes Jeune Ballet
Duration: 20 mn
6 dancers

Foudre, a wandering, a thunderbolt, a sonnet for four male and two female dancers. Creating for them, with them, an exchange beyond words. Out of which emerges, like a lightning bolt that scratches the night, the poetry of living bodies. A creation about violent electricity that takes its source in already existing choreographic modules to free itself from them, to be carried away in an immediate movement, something of the order of the non-analysable, a gesture to be taken into oneself, in oneself with the other.

A wild flash of lightning in the skies, darting, sharp. Romanticism. A rapid piece in the energy of Claude Brumachon's writing. Rebellious and turbulent in the body itself, caught. Gestures ripping through space, a magma duet, matter and weight-bearing. Experience the creation live as the bodies intertwine. An acrobatic dance chiselled around dry, stopped movement. A piece that moves at high speed. In fact, an ocean stretches out between the student and the dancer; crossing it opens up the risk of drowning, of love at first sight.

Photo: Nathalie Sternalski


Choreography: Francesco Curci
Music: Kenya Dubois (Blink) Manuel Wandjil (Strange way) Mogwai (Cody)
Duration: 20 mn
15 to 20 dancers

What if we could live forever in eternal youth?
In this piece, the choreographer develops his questions about eternal life and its positive and negative impacts... Would we be capable of constantly reinventing ourselves, while leaving behind the people we love and care about?

Photo: Nathalie Sternalski


Choreography: Christophe Garcia
Music: Music: Cesar Franck - Prelude, Fugue and Variation opus 18 nr.3 from the Six Pieces for Organ", Karin Küstner Accordion
Duration: 12 mn
5 dancers

There are 5 of them. In a corner. Since when? Out? What for? To go where?

Photo: Nathalie Sternalski